Carp Fishing No Kill

Châteliers Lake

Châteliers Lake


We propose you carp fishing in private lake. Its 60 acres stretch of water, its nine swims and its shape (Y) will guarantee you an immersion and a total tranquility in a wild setting.

Crolée Haut lake

Crolée Haut Lake

6.2 ACRES / 1 SWIM

This lake, located at 15 minutes away from the Chateliers (in Beaulieu Sous Parthenay), offers you 6,2 acres with only 1 swim!

 Crolée Bas Lake

Crolée Bas Lake

7.4 ACRES / 1 SWIM

This lake, also located at 15 minutes away from the Chateliers (in Beaulieu Sous Parthenay), offers you 7,4 acres also with 1 swim !

The carp fishing ponds

You have the choice between three private ponds all located in the Deux-Sèvres to fish for carp. 

There is the Grand étang des Chateliers at Chantecorps with its 24 hectares and only 9 posts, or 10 minutes away at Beaulieu Sous Parthenay, the 2 ponds of the Crolée, of 2.5 and 3 hectares each with only one post per pond.

Châteliers Lake

Fish in the ponds


The stock of 1100 carp has been sorted and selected by us, for the practice of your passion of carpfishing no kill.

You will find ghost carp, linear, fully ... for some born at Les Chateliers. Pike and roach complete the herd.

Some space

Are you looking for spacious swims with a large fishing ring? 

Don't wait any longer, the large 24-hectare Etang des Chateliers pond on a 32-hectare property is just what you need with fishing rings ranging from 2 hectares to 4 hectares.

With family

Do you want to combine fishing and family holidays? Again, don't look any further, the Crolée ponds are just what you need.

Two ponds located in a private and fenced park of 16 hectares, each independent with a unique post, and one safari lodge tent per pond that will wonderfully accommodate your families.

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