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The Chateliers venue is located in the area of Deux Sèvres in France , it is 30 min away from Poitiers , 30 min from Niort and 1h30 min from Nantes in the West. It is 24 hectares ( 60 acres ) big . You will no doubt enjoy a wild setting and a complete unspotted nature. The venue has a lot of natural food such as crayfish , mussels and lots of bloodworms the fish can feed on to grow steadily. All the  swims can only be reached by boat, and they are each 100 to 120 square metres wide , in the shadow of 100 years old oak tress.  You will have to unload your tackle and leave the car in the car park.

60 acres, 9 swims

Each swim offer you to fish  5 to 9,8 acres water , and you will be able to use a boat to land your fish.

The complex offers two toilets, two showers, a reception hall with electricity in order to load your various batteries, a fridge. Your car must be parked and stay on the car park.

There is also a comfortable gite of 40 square metres to welcome your family.

We kept the original stock of fish and added mirror and common carps ranging from 22 lb to more than 57 lb .
The Chatelier has no nuisance fish like tench, catfish  or breams. It holds only roaches, pike and carps.

The venue is 2 to 4 metres deep with irregular lake beds ranging from large sand banks to granit rocks from little rocks to 2 m high ones.

Go to the Chateliers :

- by plane: Nantes airport or Poitiers airport

- by train : Poitiers station, Niort station

- by car : étang des Chateliers à Chantecoprs (79)

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